Who does not want to earn money in today's time? The way of earning money over time. We all know that the internet has completely changed our lives. Today, many people are making money from internet. There are several websites, applications, platforms available on the internet, from which you can earn money online. Today, we will learn about a similar application by which you can easily earn money while using your smartphone. This application is called Selltm. It is an Indian application that will help you earn money by recharging the mobile, booking flights tickets, bus tickets, taxi etc.

Let us know in detail about the Selltm applications and how to earn money with the help of this app.


If you want to do online business then this application can be a great platform for you. Using this app and social media (WhatsApp, Facebook), you can easily earn extra. The best part of this application is that you do not have to make any investment to do online business so this the best thing for using this application for making money online.

What is selltm?

Selltm is an Indian application that help's you to do business online.
Selltm applications are such platforms where you can get a lot of commission from the Sales ,by reselling many services online. With this application, you can do online mobile recharge,book flight ticket, bus ticket, taxi etc. at low cost and get commission upto rs25000.

Make Money By Starting Online Business with Selltm
It is very easy to start online reselling business from this application and as mentioned above, you do not have to make any investment of any kind for starting

  • First of all install the application on a smartphone and sign up
  • Tell people about your business, (You can use social media)
  • Update your Selltm profile
  • Learn how to work in cell-phone. Learn how to book online recharge, flight tickets, bus ticket etc.
  • Now work online and earn profit by getting a commission on Selltm.
In this way, You can easily earn money from your home with your smartphone with Selltm application. Maybe you have a question that how much commission will you get if we sell services in Selltm? Let us know how much commission is received at selling the service in Selltm ...

Structure of Commission which you will get with Selltm

  • On Domestic flights - Up to Rs. 500 / - per person
  • On International flights - upto 2000 / - per person
  • On Bus Tickets - 6% to 10% of Base Fare
  • On Outer Cab - 4% of Base Fare
  • On Hotel booking- 10% to 20% of base fare
  • On Holidays package - 6-10% of base package value
  • On Mobile Recharge - 7% on Reliance Jio and 3 to 7% on other operators
  • On DTH Recharge - 3 to 4.2%

WhyYou should Use Selltm??

Till we know How can we earn money with Selltm app and what commision we will get. Perhaps you have been thinking that we do not have to do such business, so we will not use this application. Here are some points related to the application that you should know about.

  • These applications is completely free.
  • You can do your own recharge, family member's smartphone recharge, taxi booking, flight tickets, at very cheap prices and you will get commission.
  • You can not get any kind of commission when booking recharge, flight tickets, bus ticket, etc. from any other application, but you get it in Selltm.
  • The best thing about this is an Indian application and this app has positive responses by it's customers.
In this article, You learn--what is "Selltm"? and how to make money with seltm app. Hope you liked this article, if you liked this article, then share it in social media.

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