How to get free review units from amazon and flipkart

How to get free review units from amazon and flipkart

Hello guys welcome to the new post today in this post I will tell you how to get free review units from Flipkart and Amazon, yes guys you can get free review unit from Amazon and Flipkart without paying any kind of money for that product.
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Obviously if you are tech youtuber and blogger then definitely you need some gadget for review onto your channel and on your website but the main problem is from where you get all the product for free,although there are many websites which are providing free review unit to most of the youtuber and blogger but in this particular post I will tell you how to get free review units from the most popular brand across the world that is from Amazon and from Flipkart.

Guys there is a secret for getting free review unit from Flipkart or Amazon but I think most of the people don't know this type of method but I am telling you because I already tried this method and I got 100% successful.

But before telling you the exact method you must know that why these famous companies will give you free review unit.

Why these company will provide you free review units

Amazon is a marketplace where people come and sell their products,it is to note here that Amazon never sell any kind of product itself, it is just a mediator between the customer and the seller.So here comes the main thing that if you contact the seller of the product directly then and they can send you free review units.

Many new seller mostly promote their product on Amazon by doing advertisement on the Amazon. For checking the advertisement of the product you just need to search any type of product in the Amazon and after the result been displayed by the Amazon you can see there are many product onto which you can see the label of sponsoredwill be written .

The product on to which the sponsored is written is promoted by doing advertisement and for that seller pay amount to the Amazon. but suppose if you contact directly to that seller and ask them to provide you review unit for doing promotions of their product then they will definitely send you review gadgets in free of cost.

How to contact Amazon seller and Flipkart seller

Generally you cannot contact directly to any seller which are selling their product on Amazon and Flipkart but whenever you search product there is a option to ask a question to the seller about the product, but you don't have to ask the question from that section you just need to you explain about your YouTube channel and about your blog aur website that we can promote your gadgets in free of cost.

If you tell them that we have a big YouTube channel and a website with good traffic then they will definitely send you their products for review onto your your YouTube channel and on your website.


Every seller on Amazon want to sell more and more products if you will help to promote their products then and why not they will provide you there gadgets for review, but Amazon not provide any kind of direct messaging service to the seller.
Don't worry about that because there is a option for asking a question to seller you can use that option to contact with the seller but you cannot provide your email address from there, you can mention your YouTube channel name or your website name so that the seller can visit on to your website and on your YouTube channel then they will definitely contact you and will provide you review units.


Buy a product

Now you are thinking that if you talk talking about buying a particular product then how to get free review unit from Amazon and Flipkart then here you have to show your smartness for that you have to first buy a product and then you can return that particular product by putting your letter inside it.
when the return product will go to the seller they will definitely check your letter and 90% chances that they will reply to you via the information which is provided in the letter.

Make your income double

When you will promote a product of any seller on the Amazon and Flipkart then they will definitely send you more and more product if their sales will increase and then you can provide your affiliate account link in the description box of the YouTube or in the website by this way you can increase your earning but remember that while contacting with the seller don't use your affiliate account because there may be chance for suspension of your affiliate account by the Amazon.

Social media Power

Nowadays  people which are working in the online world they definitely have their account on social media once you contact with the seller through the Amazon then you can search there profile onto social media platform like Facebook and Instagram where you can contact them directly in the future and ask them for product by this method the chance of suspension of your Amazon account will be zero.

How to Send your proposal to the seller for that follow the instruction below

Step-1-After searching any product you can see the name of the seller,then you have to click onto the name of the seller,[See the image below]

Step-2-Now you can see the option for ask a question here you don't have to ask any question.By using this section you can send your proposal to the seller that we can promote your products in free of cost.

NOTE-Don't mention any gmail address here


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