How to use Jio TV without Jio Sim

How to use Jio TV without Jio Sim

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Reliance Jio network is one of the biggest running 4G network today as it brings a revolution in todays digital world. Although it starts with a small step but now it is a huge brand itself under Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. Along with sim and 4G network Jio have a collection of applications for Television, Movie, music, news, etc. All easily available on Google Play Store and iPhone Play Store. But a intelligent move of these applications are they only for Jio Sim card users and run only on Jio network which is a problem for non Jio users but by adding some extra effort one can easily use them on non Jio network (any other network without Jio Sim card). There are two ways for this, In first method you require any working Jio number and Jio password which you can borrow from any of your friends or relative and the the second method uses modded Jio play TV APK and in this there is no need of ID and password.

Method 1 : Steps to use Jio TV without Jio Sim.

Step 1- Download MyJio application from app Store and install it. Make sure that you download older version of the app.

Step 2- After finishing installation, open the app and click on MyJio option.

Step 3- Head towards manage your account option to sign in.

Step 4- Click on sign in and fill the required details (Jio number and password), which you can borrow from any of your friends or relatives.

Step 5- After finishing up with sign in, go through the entire application list and click to open the application of your choice and start enjoying the digital world.

Note : Sometimes you may get a pop-up-message reminding you that the App is available for Jio sim users only but this can be stored by just closing all the recent tabs and again opening the application if your choice.

Method 2 : This method require downloading of Moded APK file of Jio play TV APK which can allow you to access through Jio TV without even downloading MyJio App and with other signing in formalities. It is easier then previous method but its major disadvantage is, this method may not work on all devices so, it's up to the device performance and OS that whether it supports the moded APK file or not.

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